Excerpt from the Staff Roster

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GBI Name Garfield
GBI RankSergeant
Age 52 years
Height 184 cm
Weight 95 kg
Hairbald, shaved
Gayromeo ProfileGGarfield
Civil life

Legal pettifogger

Hobbies: travelling

How and when did you find the GBI?

Since April 1999

Sex and Fetish Preferences

Uniforms, as true to original as possible; when a man is wearing one, he feels like a soldier

The best experience with the GBI

Maneuver 2000, I take the orders from the istructor and execute his commands punctuall (drill), and the 23 men beside me are doing exactly the same. As a free time hobby that is fun, in real life it would be impossible for me. When the going gets tough, I like to explore my limits in marching, in the field and in mud.