Rules for the GBI Coin

100. The GBI coin symbolises loyalty and commitment to the association and to the comrades who actively support the association. It is intended to reward dedicated members and guests of honour, regardless of their rank.

200. The GBI coin will be awarded at earliest after one year of membership, if the awardee has been regularly attending at the GBI events. For members of other military-sexual associations the coin can be awarded after third visit on a GBI event.

300. The coin is awarded by a decision made by the simple majority of all the coin bearers. All coin bearers will be informed about the new award. For identification purposes each coin has an unique number engraved on it. Each coin bearer will get a list which shows the current coin bearers and their coin numbers, respectively.

400. The GBI coin is to be carried on person in all events of the GBI as well as in all events of allied military sexual organisations where other GBI coin bearers are present. “Carrying the coin on person” means carrying it e.g. in trouser or jacket pocket, in wallet which is carried with, under the boot sole, in underpants, taped to skin with adhesive tape, etc. “Carried on person” does not include in luggage, like in backpack, even when it is carried with.

500. On each day of an event of the GBI as well as on each day of event of an allied military sexual organisation where other GBI coin bearers are present, exactly one coin check is allowed. Coin check is called by shouting out loud the word “Coin check!” Every coin bearer has the right to call the coin check.

600. When a coin check is called, every coin bearer, including the caller, must show their coin and present it to the proclaimer. The coin has to be carried on person when the coin check is called. Fetching or searching the coin from quarters, tents, luggage, laid-down items of clothing etc. is not allowed.

700. When a coin bearer cannot present his coin, the caller decides upon a punishment from which all other coin bearers can benefit, e.g. a round of drinks or other services for the coin bearers. This punishment must not violate the sexual or SM taboos of the person suffering from the punishment.

800. If all attendant coin bearers can present their coins, they will jointly decide upon a punishment for the caller. This punishment should be approximately three times more severe than a punishment for a coin bearer who could not present his coin. This punishment must not violate the sexual or SM taboos of the caller.


  1. If a coin bearer declares that he has lost his coin irretrievably (this is considered automatically, when a coin bearer has not been able to present his coin in a single coin check during the past year), or
  2. if a coin is found by someone else, or
  3. if a coin bearer presents a wilfully mutilated coin,
then the coin bearer must personally apologise all other coin bearers. Each coin bearer decides upon a punishment for him. Only after all other coin bearers report that the punishments have been carried out, the coin bearer will receive a new coin or his old coin back.

902. Between the time of reporting a lost coin—or finding a lost one—and re-awarding the said coin, its bearer is not allowed to participate in coin checks or benefit from other coin bearers’ punishments. However, he is allowed to participate in voting about new coin bearers.

903. If a coin is lost or wilfully mutilated, its bearer must pay twenty euros to the GBI.