GBI Meets Articolo 28

Combined with their summer vacation, Sgt Derb and Cpt Franeck contacted an army group in Italy that is quite similar to us: Articolo 28 (pronounced ventótto) (NB: Italian gay men could refer to §28 of the Italian army law to refuse army service due to their homosexuality and therewith combined harrassment in daily barracks life. This article was waived ten years ago.)

In Mestre, the industrial suburb of Venice, the two men from GBI met the staff of Articolo 28, Major Roberto, Captain Carlo and Lieutenant Klaus.

During a superb dinner, the two organizations told about each other and noticed many similarities. They decided to set links to each other, and to take part in maneuvers of the other group when possible. In future they think about planning to organize a maneuver together. Lieutenant Klaus will visit us and take part in the maneuver “Summer Storm” in August 2008.

More information about Articolo 28 can be found on their web page

We are looking towards successful cooperation.